• 03 Jun 19
  • Posted by admin

Final BINGO project meeting - Lisbon, Portugal

As we are reaching the final month of our project, the BINGO team has met once again in Lisbon, where the Kick-off meeting took place back in 2015!  

This time, however, the conversations are very different: our results are here, our work is mostly done, the key topic now is CREATING A LASTING IMPACT.

Our research has created some new understanding of the impact of climate change within the case studies of our research sites. The knowledge that was produced here has been applied by the local stakeholders and will continue to create value beyond the project's lifetime.

But BINGO has created more than that, and this Final project meeting has put all of those other impacts on the table:

  • BINGO has created a family within the project partners, the BINGOlians, but also with the Communities of Practice in each research site. These relationships have been built throughout 4 years and will continue to create impact in other activities and projects;
  • BINGO has developed several methodologies which have been constructed by analysing what worked and what didn't in all of the research sites. These methodologies are now described through guidelines and are called our "Exploitable results". They address several issues, from resolution of decadal predictions to step by step guide on how to implement successful communities of practice, and can be implemented in a wide range of contexts;
  • Each one of the partners from BINGO will leave the project much richer in terms of what they learned about other fields of study and other perspectives. This BINGO gathered climatologists, hydrologists, geologists, economists, policy experts, social sciences, risk analysis experts, agriculture, water supply, civil protection, and so much more - all of which have learned more about other regions and other perspectives of how the knowledge they generate can be applied.

The Final Meeting was also the perfect opportunity to get to know the Research Site of Tagus and some of the ways the water cycle affects the sorrounding areas, through a field visit to the Sorraia Valley and to Coruche.

BINGO is, indeed, more than just the sum of all its parts.