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BINGO is a 48 month Horizon 2020 Climate Action project launched in July 2015.  
BINGO aims at providing practical knowledge and tools to end-users, water managers, decision and policy-makers affected by climate change to enable them to better cope with all climate projections, including droughts and floods. The focus will be on six regions across Europe – in Cyprus, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Spain.
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Message from the Project Coordination

Dear reader,

I am very pleased to welcome you to the H2020 project BINGO Newsletter No. 1.
Since the launch of BINGO in July 2015 we have been working enthusiastically as a team with a number of achievements. The local workshops with stakeholders were already successfully implemented at the six Research Sites in February-March 2016, and the Bingo Community of Practice (CoP) was created and is progressing well with excellent interactions.
The main goal of the BINGO Newsletter is to provide regular and frequent news items that fit the interests of the BINGO participants, related professionals and communities. We aim to surprise and interest our readers with material, data and stories related to the project and to the adaptation to climate changes in the scope of water management and use. The BINGO Newsletter aims at being complementary to the other project communication media, such as the BINGO website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
We hope we can also benefit from all your feedback, so to improve our communication and better address your interests and needs. I wish you all good reading and a good time with BINGO.

Rafaela Matos
Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil (LNEC), Portugal
BINGO Project Coordinator

Message from EU Research Commissioner Carlos Moedas
picture Climate change, in combination with other human activities, is modifying the water cycle, and we need to know what impact that will have on Europe."
At the kick start of the project, EU Research Commissioner Carlos Moedas addressed the BINGO project and its partners with a video message. Take a look!
BINGO Workshops across Europe

The BINGO solutions will be co-produced by a range of key end users at six research sites across Europe. The project will use the methodology “Community of Practice (CoP)” to organize the interaction between different types of stakeholders with interests in the project (researchers, companies, utilities, governments and NGOs).
The BINGO CoP has been set up at the first series of workshops with active participation from end users, which took place in the past weeks in Spain, Portugal, Norway, Germany, Cyprus and the Netherlands. Aimed at “setting the scene”, these initial workshops promoted dynamic interactions and discussions on climate risks in each research site. Further workshops will be organised throughout the project.

Spain (Badalona)
26 January 2016

Portugal (Tagus)
16 February 2016

Norway (Bergen)
18 February 2016

Germany (Wupper River basin)
19 February 2016

Cyprus (Troodos)
24 February 2016

the Netherlands (the Veluwe)
3 March 2016

Field work at the Cyprus research site - a short testimonial from one of our researchers
picture Hello, I am Marinos Eliades, a PhD candidate and research assistant at the Cyprus Institute. My PhD research is focusing on the influence of Pinus brutia trees on the water balance of fractured geologic formations in Mediterranean environments. Pinus brutia have a wide distribution in the Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus but there is no knowledge about their transpiration rates and their interaction with the water balance components.

I am conducting my research in cooperation with the Cyprus Department of Forests, in a fenced area of Pinus brutia forest, in the northern foothills of the Troodos mountains at 620 m elevation.

The main objectives of my research are to quantify the transpiration rates of Pinus brutia trees with the use of Heat Ratio Method sap flow sensors, to examine the soil moisture dynamics with the use of soil moisture sensors and to compute the rainfall interception of Pinus brutia trees with the use of manual rain gauges under the trees’ canopy. I started with four trees but thanks to the BINGO project I have added four more trees and also installed sap flow sensors in the tree roots, in order to provide an extensive view of the tree-water dynamics.”

Marinos Eliades,
The Cyprus Institute


Risk assessment at the six research sites
Work Package 4 (WP4), the BINGO conducting link from Climate Scenarios to Adaptation Strategies:
WP4 proposes a framework for managing the risk which is mainly a conducting line from the climate scenarios derivation to climate change adaptation strategies, aiming at helping to sustain key economic sectors and the environment, as well as protect people and property. WATER is the central resource in BINGO. Climate change is the driving force for adaptation. The approach proposed is based on ISO 31000:2009 and the work is being carried out identifying the internal and external risk context of the six BINGO Research Sites.
See the first project results!

D2.1. Dynamical downscaling of European reanalysis to 12km and daily values for the period 1979/2014

The European Reanalysis project (ERA-Interim) data has been dynamically downscaled to a 0.11 degree resolution (about 12km) using the regional climate model COSMO-CLM. Those surface variables relevant for hydrological modelling (e.g. precipitation, temperature, wind, pressure, etc) have been bias corrected at the daily time scale and made available for use with hydrological models.

A web-based and on-demand extraction and conversion tool was set up, allowing the hydrological modelling groups to search and extract the data and then convert it to their needs.

This project deliverable (in particular, values for periods 2009-2015 and 1979-1989) can be made available upon request. If you’re interested in having access to the data, get in contact with us.

D3.1. Characterization of the catchments and the water systems

This deliverable evaluates the state of water resources (surface and groundwater, quantity and quality) at the six BINGO research sites. A consistent characterization of the catchments and surface, groundwater, and estuarine water bodies, including land use, pollution sources and anthropogenic water abstractions is included. It includes measured data, results from previous research, literature, knowledge. This document serves as an overview of all six BINGO research sites.
The BINGO consortium includes 20 European partners located in six countries: Portugal, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Norway, and Cyprus.
It is composed by eight research and innovation partners (LNEC, KWR, IWW, Aqualogy, NTNU, InterSus, FuB, and CYI), and stakeholders from different decision levels, including seven policy bodies (CIMLT, DGADR, AMB, AjBadalona, Prov. GLD, Bergen K and Wupperverband), two utilities service companies (EPAL, AGBAR), and three organisations with a sectorial focus (SPI, I.A.CO, and Vitens). BINGO also benefits from a Project Advisory Board (PAB), a high-level international panel of experts from different areas of knowledge, chaired by Paul Fleming from Seattle Water Utilities, USA.

Click here to meet the partners and the Project Advisory Board in more detail!


Getting to know the partners: I.A.CO

I.A.CO is a Cyprus based leading consultancy & research SME operating since 2004, specializing in the fields of environment and water management. Its small but multi - disciplinary team, provides thorough, versatile and spherical assessments, and has extensive experience EU environmental legislation implementation via evaluating and adopting to the local – national conditions.
I.A.CO’s main BINGO activities include a Risk assessment from floods and droughts in the Cyprus Research Site, drafting adaptation strategies, while organizing and participating in the Stakeholder Analysis & Consultation activities of this research program.

Larnaka Salt Lake, Cyprus (09.01.2016). I.A.CO Ltd ©

Upcoming events
  EGU General Assembly 2016 in Vienna, Austria | 17-22 April 2016  
  Together with the project IMPREX, BINGO is organizing a scientific session at the upcoming European Geophysical Union General Assembly, taking place on 17-22 April 2016 in Vienna: “Servicing Water Users by forecasting, outlooks and climate projections for water services (co-organized)”. Click here to learn more.  
  ADAPTATION FUTURES 2016 - Practices and Solutions in Rotterdam, the Netherlands | 10-13 May 2016  
  BINGO is organizing a scientific session together with the project IMPREX at the upcoming conference Adaptation Futures 2016 - Practices and Solutions, taking place on 10-13 May in Rotterdam, the Netherlands: “Moving towards tailored climate services in the Water Sector". The session will take place on Thursday, 12 May 2016, between 13.45 and 15.30. Click here to learn more about the conference and here to download the programme.  
  BINGO Annual Meeting in Bergen, Norway | 7-9 June 2016  
  The 1st BINGO Annual Meeting will take place in Bergen, Norway, on 7-9 June 2016. The BINGO partners met for the first time in Lisbon, Portugal, on 9-10 July 2015, at the project kick-off meeting. One year later, all partners will meet in Bergen to present the first outputs, discuss the developments accomplished across the 7 Work Packages over the first 12 months of the project and agree on next steps. It is expected as well the participation of representatives of the Project Advisory Board.  
Other relevant events
Other relevant initiatives

Aqua Research Collaboration (ARC)

The mission of ARC is to catalyse the transition towards enhanced and more sustainable watercycle system services in Europe. Find out more.

IMproving PRedictions and management of hydrological Extremes (IMPREX)

IMPREX is designed to support the reduction of Europe’s vulnerability to extreme hydrological events through improved understanding of the intensity and frequency of future disrupting features that may be very different from today’s reality.

International Water and Climate Forum

A synthesis Report of the International Water and Climate Forum, held at San Diego, California, USA, December 2015 is now available here.

European Federation of National Associations of Water Services (EUREAU)

EurEau is the voice of Europe’s drinking water and waste water service operators. Their members provide water services to more than 400 million people and reflect the diverse private and public water service industry across Europe. EUREAU brings together national associations, representing water supply and waste water services in 28 EU and EFTA countries.Find out more.

Spanish Association of Water Companies (AEAS)

Professional non-profit association for the promotion and development of scientific, technical, administrative and legal services of urban water supply and sanitation aspects. It currently has 330 partners and operating entities integrated into the association serving more than 35 million people in more than 1,700 Spanish municipalities. Find out more.

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