• 29 Jun 14
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The research site in Cyprus is focused on the hydrological processes and water resources of the Troodos mountains, which cover nearly 60% of the island. This water is essential for the country’s water supply, as its streams flow into the main dams.

The Troodos is a fractured igneous formation, and surface water flow and groundwater recharge are highly variable and strongly dependent on the temporal and spatial distribution of precipitation. Furthermore, there is a lack of knowledge about the water uptake by the forests that cover the hill slopes.

Improved knowledge of the hydrology is needed to provide better projections of the inflow of water to the dams, flood protection and water allocation strategies and sustainable exploitation of groundwater resources.

During the 2008 drought, the Government paid 50 Million € to transfer water from Greece. More than 80 million € drought compensation and emergency state aid was paid to farmers. On the other hand, extreme rainfall events regularly cause flooding of roads and damage to crops, buildings and infrastructure (e.g. October 2006 and December 2010).

BINGO Impact:

The research on evapotranspiration will be applied in Cyprus, emphasizing a project cross-cutting issue. The research will investigate mid-term options for water allocation for agriculture and thereby contribute to the sustainability of the rural areas.

BINGO Partners from Cyprus:

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