• 22 Nov 16
  • Posted by admin

Open Access to BINGO Scientific Publications

BINGO takes part in the H2020 initiative of Open Access to Scientific Publications and Research Data.

This means free online access to all scientific publications developed in the scope of the project for any user, and the right to access and reuse digital research data. The BINGO outcomes are of relevance to different end users, and can be easily downloaded under deliverables and publications. These sections will be updated on an ongoing basis. Stay tuned!

Some of the deliverables produced to date include:

  • D2.1 Dynamical downscaling of European reanaysis to 12km and daily values for the period 1979/2014
  • D3.2 Future Land and Water Use Scenarios

A few examples of scientific publications already available include:

  • A strategy for using climate data for hydrological modelling (Henning W. Rust, Uwe Ulbrich, Christos Vagenas, Edmund Meredith, and Komlan Agbeko Kpogo-Nuwoklo)
  • The effect of storm events in the Tagus estuarine margins (Paula Freire, André B. Fortunato, Marta Rodrigues, Pedro P. Santos, Ana Rilo, Alexandre O. Tavares)
  • Estimation of catchment wetness for the Wupper River Basin, Germany (Marc Scheibel, Paula Lorza)

Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like further clarifications.