• 14 Dec 18
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European Policy Booklet on Climate Change Adaptation

In the spirit of the European Policy Booklet on Climate Change Adaptation, a report which looks at projects on the topic of Climate Change Adaptation and explores the role of Research and Innovation on finding solutions for adaptation and mitigation, BINGO considers that to address climate change we need better and earlier knowledge about the future state of the climate and more participatory governance practices to identify risks and instigate adaptation measures.

Our project focuses on the link between state-of-the art climate science and the real challenges that local stakeholders face which is thus key to the joint specification and implementation of adaptation measures. The community-based co-production for applied research products in BINGO’s approach is vital: the greater buy-in of assessments beyond just researchers the greater likelihood of well informed, science-based adaptation.  

The co-prodution dynamics have pushed the launch of participatory governance solutions and ensure better decision making, providing outputs and recommendations to integrate both exposures (data) and adaptation (actions), while incorporating what matters in each site with Human Factor Dynamics.