• 09 Oct 17
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BINGO at the International Workshop SWGen-Hydro

BINGO was represented at the SWGen-Hydro (Stochastic Weather Generators for Hydrological Applications), on September 18 to 20 in Berlin, a workshop focused on SWG's suitable in hydrological modelling contexts organized by BINGO WP2 leaders, Freie Universität Berlin.

Dr. Komlan Kpogo-Nuwoklo, from the FU Berlin, presented the research on “Daily spatio-temporal stochastic precipitation generator based on a censored and transformed latent Gaussian field” at the SWGen-Hydro, where he spoke about the BINGO project’s results related to his research. Research from Marc Scheibel, from Wupperverband, a partner on BINGO, on "Explorative analysis of long time series of very high resolution spatial rainfall" was also presented at the event.

At the workshop, a poster on the BINGO research by Komlan et al was displayed, as well as one from Henning Rust et al, from FU Berlin.

Check the program of the event here.

For more information, please contact Henning Rust.