• 13 Dec 18
  • Posted by admin

BINGO climate model data (CCLM)

All climate model data (CCLM) produced by WP2 have been successfully transferred to the long term climate data archive in Hamburg (CERA), Here they will remain stored for at least 10 years after the end of the BINGO project. The data are all open access, following the BINGO/H2020 requirements. They can thus be downloaded by anyone, after they register an account at the CERA.

The data have received the following permanent links:

Additionally, we have also archived all of the extremal episodes used in our recent publication in HESS.

These data have also received a permanent link and are available under the same license here:

Please note that these archives contain the raw model output. The post-processed data specific to each site is only available via DECO.

To learn more about BINGO's climate data, read this