• 23 Apr 18
  • Posted by admin


The coordination of BINGO was present at the workshop of the project BRIGAID, in Mafra (Portugal) in April 20.

BRIGAID is a project that proposes "to provide integral support for innovations for climate adaptation, focusing on climate-driven disasters like floods, droughts and extreme weather". The workshop in Mafra was aimed at end users, presenting several pitches from innovations in the area of disaster resilience as well as presentation from end users themselves - BINGO included! The workshop also provided a field visit to the Montemuro village, where the Forrest Engineer explained the role of prescribed fires in the prevention of wild fires.

During the event, Eng. Rafaela Matos presented BINGO to the audience and many interesting synergies between projects have been discussed. 

Many more interactions between our two projects are expected, to add value to both our results! 

Thanks to the BRIGAID team for the invitation!