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BINGO 2nd Year Progress Meeting

The 2nd Year Progress Meeting with all BINGO partners took place in Mülheim, Germany, 27-29 June 2017. 

The first day of the meeting was opened by Rafaela Matos (LNEC), who welcomed the partners and explained the aims and objectives of the meeting. Ana Estela Barbosa (LNEC) also provided a high level overview of the 2nd Year of BINGO.

The WP leaders presented the activities and results achieved during 2nd Year of BINGO. During the morning Rafaela Matos (LNEC) presented an overview of the WP1 - Coordination and Management activities, Uwe Ulbrich (FUB) presented the results achieved under WP2 - Climate Predictions & Downscaling to Extreme Weather and Tim Aus der Beek (IWW) led the overview and discussion of WP3 - Integrated Analysis of the Water Cycle, while the the WP4 - Assessment of the Impacts of Extreme Weather Events session was led by Teresa Viseu (LNEC). After lunch, Stefan Urioc (KWR) presented an overview of the WP5 - Risk Treatment and Adaptation Strategies for Extreme Weather Events, Tone Muthanna (NTNU) led the overview and discussion of WP6 - Ensuring Excellence and Actionable Research and Sofia Esteves (SPI) presented an overview of WP7 - Dissemination and Communication activities.

The BINGO Mid-term Pannel with WP Leaders was chaired by David Schwesig (IWW), Sveinung (NTNU) and Paul Fleming (Project Advisory Board). The Panel was composed by Uwe, Tim, Teresa, Henk-Jan van Alphen, Tone and Sofia.

The second day of the meeting took place in the Große Dhünn Reservoir and started with a visit to the research site. The afternoon had presentations and discussions of the BINGO research sites modelling activity, which was led by Tim aus der Beek (IWW). Fernanda Rocha and Henk-Jan van Alphen led a session focused on the Interactions and Integrations between W3, WP5 and WP6. The third day of the meeting was dedicated to WP2&WP3 and WP5&WP6 workshops.

Around 60 people attended the annual meeting, including representatives from all 20 partner organisations of the project. 

To see the photos of the meeting, click here.



Opening Speech from the BINGO Coordination, Rafaela Matos

Dear Wolf Merkel, Technical Director of IWW
Dear IWW and Wupperverband teams, our local Host Institutions and main responsible for the organization of the Meeting
Dear Paul Fleming, Chair of the BINGO Advisory Board
Dear BINGO Family members (BINGOlians, to use the words of Tim)

First of all I would like to express our deep thanks to IWW, represented here by Technical Director, Wolf Merkel, and to Marc Scheibel from Wupperverband, who very kindly and friendly accepted to be our host for this meeting.

We are here for our 2nd Annual BINGO GA Meeting. We have close to 50 people from our 20 Partners and 6 countries of Europe. The meeting follows our Kick-off meeting in Lisboa (in July 2015) and 1st Annual meeting in Bergen (June 2016). This time we will have a special guest, arriving today and staying tomorrow – that is Euronews Research reporter (Denis Loctier and his camera men). They will produce a program about BINGO, under their series “Research in Action”. This is a fantastic opportunity to have BINGO project broadcasted to a large audience.

I am happy to express how glad and how full of expectations we are in meeting in this “City on the river” in North-Rhine Westphalia federal state.

Germany has been, since a long time, and continues to be, an excellent EU Partner in Research, Development and Innovation, with a clear and recognized capacity of sharing knowledge, technological skills and capacity building.

In our domain of expertise - climate, watercycle & related areas - we are pleased to experience for more than a decade an outstanding and trustable cooperation with IWW – this was a key anchor to attract and bring to our collaborative project other relevant players, in academia, industry, cities and regions.

More recently, in 2010 in Lisboa, the Aqua Research Collaboration (ARC) was established based on 6 founding members (NTNU, SINTEF, KWR, IWW, Cetaqua and LNEC). They are all applied research institutes of EU member states with a
critical mass and proven intellectual and professional leadership in the watercycle research in Europe.

Our aim is to strengthen the stock and the new development of knowledge related to the “all water cycle” through research in a European Collaborative Framework; support, demonstrate and implement new applications through actionable research; and develop capacity building with an outreach potential, in Europe and beyond.

ARC has been a promoter and a booster of R&D with achievements expressed in successful RIA (research and innovation Action) and IA (Innovation Action) projects in H2020. IWW, for example through David Schwesig, as ARC secretariat, has
played an important role. In fact BINGO was started by ARC members that are continuing the momentum, now with the Norwegian partner as secretariat (Rita Ugarelli), for instance now in preparation of the 2nd phase of H2020 INSuRE, an IA
responding to the Call SC5 -08 – Nature-based solutions for hydro-meteorological risk reduction.

And this is our Key Value and in our Genes – to connect people with different expertise, experiences, cultures, living stories - combining explicit and implicit (tacit) knowledge, oriented to problem solving in an integrated scientific, technical and
social approach, and embracing short and long term visions.

Coming back to BINGO, we are at a crucial moment, its mid-term. This means that we have collaborated during 2 years, we know each other better and the work process is becoming mature. We have the first results coming out from our 6
Research Sites: climate & hydrological modelling outcomes, risk analysis framework and the CoPs in action.

We are also in a moment when the virtuous linking with other ongoing H2020 projects and clusters, but also other projects outside Europe, may be relevant for win-win synergies and refresh inspiration. This is the right time, later will be too late.
So I would encourage each of us, as individuals and Institutions to take the most profit of the acquaintances we do have with other initiatives.

It's time as well to start thinking and visioning how lessons learned within BINGO are outreached. How can BINGO live on beyond the project completion? How can it inform subsequent discussions about climate services? How can we continue
"vertical" collaboration (within a community or research site) and "horizontal" collaboration (across geographic scales)?

I do believe we gain strategic understanding and positioning from our actionable research in BINGO within the scope of International Conventions and Policy framework. How can BINGO contribute to: the Paris Agreement (UN2015), to the
Sustainable Development Goals (UN 2016-2030), the OCDE 12 Principles of Good Governance (just to give some examples)

So the main structure of our agenda here in Mulheim has been designed to cope with this challenging phase of our work, needing clear and straightforward presentations and sufficient for open and productive discussions. We have also a
Panel to challenge the teams and 2 Motivation awards to stimulate healthy competition and mutual learnings. Without forgetting time for socializing and for visiting our Wupperverband Research Site.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say a few words about ECCA 2019, which will be held in Lisboa during the last week of May 2019. This is now fixed. We had the Handover in Glasgow, 2 weeks ago. Three H2020 projects dealing with Climate Action - PLACARD, BINGO and RESCCUE - will be the main organizers. As you know we have decided to accept this challenge. The message I would like to give here is that this represents an additional workload for BINGO but also a great opportunity. The final Conference of BINGO, formally ending in June 2019, will be back-to-back with ECCA 2019. This means that we need to have our final results ready for the Conference during the first half of 2019. Most probably we will start the design and framing of our main scientific outcomes at the same time the Conference contents are outlined. Therefore I believe that the next BINGO GA meeting 2018 will already focus on how BINGO will interact with ECCA 2019.

As time is precious and we want to be as good in working and in taking the advantage of sharing our time together I count on you for a good management of the Agenda. Kindly help to keep in time!

Dear Wolf, Dear Bingolians

We do know these moments are unique as source of inspiration, co-production, happiness and gratifying feelings. Since we built up to now in BINGO a good, efficient and reliable team and we worked hard during the past year, I am sure that
these 2+1 working days will be very fruitful but very enjoyable at the same time.

Thanks, once again, IWW and Wupperverband, to make it possible!

Hopefully the memories of this week will remain in the best records of BINGO and in our hearts.

Enjoy and thank you very much for your attention!